Frequently Asked Questions

Family buildings are for families with children and adult buildings are for 18 plus only.

Garden Properties must be provided with a 30day, written notice of termination from the tenant(s). The termination date must be the last day of their rental period or lease, 30 days notice to vacate does not apply during a lease. For example, if it is a monthly tenancy that begins on the first day of each month and the tenant gives us notice on June 15th, the termination date would be July 31. As per Residential Tenancy Act.

We prefer that tenants submit 11 post-dated cheques at the time of their lease signing. If you choose to do otherwise, payments must be received by the first of the month in the form of personal cheque(s), certified cheque(s), or money order(s). Post-dated cheques ensure that your monthly rent is paid on time. Residents can also sign up for EFT withdrawl.

Unless an alternative agreement has been reached between the tenant(s) and Garden Properties, all lease agreements are for a period of 12 months.

An online appointment form accompanies the detailed listing page for each rental unit we currently have available. Alternatively, please email us and indicate which apartment(s) you are interested in seeing and your availability. If you do not have access to email, you may call   Garden's Properties  office at 403-328-4079  to set up your appointment.

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